Montag, 5. September 2011

Giger ALIEN with NOSTROMO base

Here now the final Giger ALIEN renders as stand alone.

I searched for the best possibility to present the model and therefor a standing base or pedestal was obvious.

There are allot of ALIEN model kits, action figures and collectors statues and busts out there, and they all have the different kind of bases or diorama environments. Since I already built the whole Egg silo/chamber based on H. R. Giger´s biomechanical designs, I thought of something different and like it was in the movies, something which opposes to the ALIEN design.

A base that resembles the NOSTROMO interior, the inside of the man made ship of the first film, was quickly favored by myself.

I see it as little homage to Ron Cobb, who was mainly responsible for the NOSTROMO interior designs and whose work i admire as an industrial designer.


Anonym hat gesagt…

Extraordinary work really. I don't think that I can say something new to you. Like many others I really think that the efforts you put in your work is just outstanding. There is no greater reference on internet for any one who wants to examine the alien designs in such details than the models that you are doing.

ARTeria hat gesagt…

There was something else that I wanted to ask you if it is possible of course.
I especially noticed two of the posing you did for the original design of the alien that look extremely poetic if I can put it in this way.
I'm talking about
I like the feel of both of them.
My personal feeling about the alien creature is not that of an insect (like many people do think)or an animal, but more of a sinister entity or a presence of something mystic beyond human comprehension. This is the exact feeling that caught me in this two images. The creature itself seems to be in some state of a spiritual equilibrium. Hope that it does not sounds toо strange to you. I like them both.
I was wondering if you could render the same poses with extra space on left and right so the image can become widescreen.
Not only that it will be more suitable for a wallpaper but I think that the opened space will give more to the composition itself.
Don't want to intervene in your work anyway.
As I said you are doing extremely well.
Thank you.

Alec hat gesagt…

Any runner alien updates to come? Pretty please :(