Mittwoch, 17. November 2010

Chestburster CG sculpt WIP

Beside the other Alien types and creatures, I worked always a bit on the Chestburster too. Of course I could not left that iconic part of the franchise behind ;)

You see here a work in progress of the ZBrush sculpt. Still a few things to tweak. By the way, my model shows the original design from the first film. I always preferred an armless and small-mouthed version over the followed up designs.

Stay tuned for updates on this one and for the final "Burstday"-party (don´t bring Your best suit for that one).

Montag, 15. November 2010

Here a small update of the ALIEN 3 Runner or Dog-Alien or whatever you wanna call it. It´s my attempt to rebuilt a CG (3D) version of the creature as it was seen in the third movie, helmed by David Fincher.

Base mesh was done in XSI and what I show here is the current state of the ZBrush model. Still a way to go to call it finished. Stay tuned for updates and the final animatable and textured version.